Adult chat site with no verify

By reporting an account, you directly notify the Admin team that somebody is breaking the Terms of Service and Community Guidelines of Twitch, which lets them react swiftly and take appropriate action.

For more information on how to file a report, see How To File a User Report.

It is recommended that aside from any words you find offensive or wish to protect your viewers from, that you add any words which might be rare and tied to your personal information.

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These are words that Twitch has removed because they are the most commonly banned.To opt out of this filter, you must click the checkbox under the banned words filter window. Auto Mod uses machine learning and natural language processing algorithms to hold risky messages from chat so they can be reviewed by a channel moderator before appearing to other viewers in the chat.Be sure to type one rule per line so the rules show up formatted correctly to your viewers. The number of lines you can filter is in the tens of thousands, so you do not need to worry about reaching the cap.Channel banned words will show as *** by default in your chatroom and cannot be circumvented by any third-party chat app.In the Privacy section under the Security Settings page, you can choose to block Whispers and private messages from Strangers (people you do not follow).

This is effective in preventing spam messages as well as any harassive messages.

Harassment comes in many forms and can be taxing to deal with.

Fortunately, Twitch provides you with a number of tools to make this easier.

Your moderators can do all of these things for you, leaving you to broadcast without pause!

With a click of a button or a single chat command, any user can be ignored, which means that their messages will no longer appear on your screen.

Because the word simply never appears in the first place, it therefore cannot be revealed by an external source.