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The following code displays the contents of used by Cds.xml: This article doesn't go in depth about DTDs and XML Schemas.The XML Schema Reference is based on the XML-Data note submitted to the W3C.Another increasingly popular method to validate documents is XML Schemas.

" If you open the MSXML library and examine its object model using the Visual Basic 6.0 Object Browser, you see that the object model is quite rich.

This article demonstrates how you can access an XML document using the DOMDocument class and the IXMLDOMNode interface.

An XML parser is, quite simply, software that reads an XML file and makes available the data in it.

As a Visual Basic developer you want to use a parser that supports the XML Document Object Model (DOM).

The following code exposes the content of the file that contains compact disc items.

Each item contains information such as the artist, title, and tracks.

To make this possible, Microsoft exposes the XML DOM via a set of standard COM interfaces in

contains the type library and implementation code for you to work with XML documents. DOMDocument You can install Internet Explorer 5.0—the MSXML parser is an integral component.

The second line of the previous document references an external DTD, or Document Type Definition file.

A DTD defines the layout and expected content for a particular type of XML document.

However, this isn't very productive and negates one of the strengths of XML: that it is a structured way to represent data.